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Welcome Orthlings, to Planet Orth 🖖

Memberships - not unlike other-worldly residences - are now available on Planet Orth. While all the tiers are wonderful, you can choose from 3 monthly subscription levels – Super Orthling, Executive, and Royal – and receive rewards such as free tickets to private online concerts, exclusive access to demos, new music, new videos, and blog updates. You can even have a special VLO birthday song just for you. 

Perhaps bigger than any reward, you get the deep satisfaction of helping sustain a talented artist who’s been working hard towards her dream of making a living wage from her music for over a decade, and supporting her in continuing to make meaningful music. 

An annual subscription is now available for those Orthlings who'd like to join at the Royal level or higher. Please email with "Annual Royalty" in the subject line to be set up. 

Thank you for believing in me and my music. 

Transmitting love to you from Planet Orth,