Amidst the madness of today, when nothing is certain and we struggle to find hope for the future, we need artists like electro alt-pop songwriter/guitarist/producer Valerie Orth. She writes with a strong sense of self and a fierce feminist perspective, telling stories about alienated humanity and visions of a better tomorrow. Her most recent album, Rabbit Hole (released Dec 4, 2020), couldn’t be more timely.

In the title track and throughout the Rabbit Hole, Orth says she’s taking on “how deeply social media, filters, and photoshop impact humans’ interactions with each other, with reality, and with the natural world. And while technology has allowed us to have a voice whenever and wherever, most of us have become dependent on it for a sense of worth. And we can’t seem to turn away from these forces that direct us how to think, live, and even love.”

Rabbit Hole’s prescient message serves as an anthem for the current state of the world. Orth’s pointed analysis about contemporary social and racial issues helps to chip away at the confusion we’re all swimming in, and provides rare hope in a time of great despair. 

After 2 LPs, 2 EPs, a compilation album, and numerous singles, Orth declares, “Rabbit Hole is the most experimental album I’ve ever written and produced, and I found inspiration for the lyrics and sounds everywhere—from visits to art museums to conversations with strangers. And I wrote the songs everywhere—San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Long Island, Oregon, and on the coast of Washington state. But, as the saying goes, ‘wherever you go, there you are.’ All the songs are ultimately reflections on my growth, musically and personally, and I think listeners will find that the songs resonate with their own disillusionments, hopes, and passions. “ 

Someone who practices what she preaches, Orth is also a music educator and social justice activist. She co-led Beats By Girlz NYC, produced The League of Badass Women Podcast, and is now Assistant Professor in the esteemed Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music. Additionally, "Planet Orth" has launched, a way that fans can show their love and support of her music and activism by subscribing monthly.