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Watch "I Believe We Will Win" Lyric Video featuring people rising up all over the world:
"I Believe We Will Win" is available online everywhere:

Over 30 musicians, artists, and activists from North & South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe made "I Believe We Will Win" the electrifying song it is today:

Written by Valerie Orth.
Produced by Valerie Orth & David “Dizmix” Lopez.
Vocals by Valerie Orth (NYC).
Guitars by Valerie Orth & Vindell Smith (ATL).
Drum Programming & Keys by David “Dizmix” Lopez (LA).
Bass by Jubilee Olumati (Cameroon)
Synth Bass by Teak Underdue (Stockton).
Additional Drum Programming by Seige Monstracity (LA).

VOICES of Tarlan Ahmadov (Azerbaijan), Jean-Baptiste Boclé (France), Calisto (Mozambique), dolltr!ck (Korea, Singapore), Sivan Hermon (Israel), Juancho Herrera (Venezuela), John Ochira (Sudan), Giulia Orth (Italy), Nikolett Pankovits (Hungary), Q (Germany), Manar Wahhab Vosgueritchian (Palestine), Kamila Wichrowska-Nagy (Poland), & Yasmin Wilkinson (Ghana).

Mixed & Mastered by David “Dizmix” Lopez.

TRANSLATION SUPPORT by Annemarie Orth, Xavier Li, Jamie Silverman, Hiro H. Jr, James Shin, Reggie Hui, Agnes Pyrchla, Jenny Van West/ Immigrant Music Connection, Ebaa, Saeed Farouky, & Thea Lavin.

Lyric Video & Artwork by Xavier Li (China)